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11 photos that prove tigers have a softer side
July 29 is International Tiger Day, a holiday that raises awareness of their endangered status and advocates a global system for conserving their natural habitats.
While tigers are known for their striking stripes, massive size, barbed tongues, razor sharp teeth and predatory instinct, it’s also important to recognize how cute and lovable they can be. Here are just a few photos demonstrating the gentle side of these beautiful creatures.

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Can We Save the Tiger?

Hey! So today is International Tiger day and I would really appreciate if you (my followers and others) would take a moment to watch this video.
This isn’t only important to save tigers but for many other reasons as well and I hope you guys will see why.

Thank you and have a great day! ^^



The Internet’s most famous cats team up to save tigers
Lil Bub, Princess Monster Truck, Nala Cat and Hamilton the Hipster Cat teamed up with Greenpeace on International Tiger Day to launch Cats Save Tigers, a social media campaign that promotes awareness about the plight of tigers.
With only 3,000 tigers left in the wild, the campaign calls on cat owners to create their own cat memes and share them with the hashtag #CatsSaveTigers to spread the word about this endangered species.

Watch the video and learn how to make your own tiger-saving cat meme.


Today is International Tiger Day! 

Tigers’ habitat is under threat from deforestation: there are only about 3,000 tigers left in the wild. Their homes are being destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations in Indonesia, coal in India and timber in Eastern Russia. So we’ve teamed up with some of the biggest cats on the internet to save the big cats in the wild. 
For International Tiger Day, the little cats are going to help to save the big cats!

Via Greenpeace International

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